Mission Statement:

Our mission is to become a market leader by creating websites that meet your business and personal needs and creates residual income; providing customers with best of breed technology solutions for business and personal websites. We will continually communicate with, and learn from our Customers, in order to improve our products and services. And, we will keep on top of the best technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our Customers always have the best tools available to them and unlimited income potential.

Why Supergized?

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or offer a personal service, your small business needs a presence on the web. Even if you have no plans to consider e-commerce, there are still plenty of other reasons to build a website.

Consider This, 59% of all adults on the web use search engines in a typical day to find what they're looking for. Word of mouth and printed marketing materials are great, but the chances of your customers asking a friend or looking in business directories to find your company are increasingly remote.

Looking Professional. Let's be honest, in the increasingly digital world, it's hard for a small business to be taken seriously without a website. First of all, a polished website makes it look like you take your business seriously. If you hand someone a business card with a phone number, a fax, and a generic email address, they're going to wonder how legitimate your business really is. However, if you have a great, informative website with a custom domain name and an email address that matches, it's going to appear that you are in it for the long haul and have much more credibility.

Express your brand. Considering the growing popularity of location-based search and review sites, there's a good chance your business will end up with a web presence soon if it doesn't already have one. Have you checked Yelp, Google Local, Foursquare, and Facebook Places lately to see if you've been listed? Not only is it important for you to claim these listings so you can be part of the dialog, you also want to have a link to your website included in them so users can get the full story about your company.

Because, why not? As the demand for websites has increased over the years, their cost and complexity has gone down dramatically. You no longer have to be a technological wizard and design guru in order to get a fantastic looking website. With Supergized, you don't need to pay an arm and a leg for your site. Packages that include a domain name, hosting, and pre-built templates are a great way for small businesses to create a professional website for minimal costs and with Supergized you can earn a residual income from your website.

Our Executive Team:

Imran Ali - President

Supergized, Inc., founded in 2010 by its current President, Imran Ali, is the culmination of Imran's 18 + years of business leadership and developing innovative technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the financial services sector in New York City. Supergized has a highly trained and professional development team of software engineers and designers who are committed to creating innovative solutions that solve business problems and create value for our customers.

Tonya Ozone - Executive President

Tonya Ozone is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant with 20 + years of experience.
Having graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration and then attending Law school, receiving her JD, Tonya found her voice in helping people create and implement their business ideas.
Volunteering in the community is something that was instilled in Tonya as a child. Her parents were strong supporters of local community projects and taught their family that being a part of the community means giving back. Tonya currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Zonta Club of Hilo and is actively helping other organizations with fund raising ideas and projects.

Teresa Wallace - National Trainer, Advisory Board

Teresa Wallace is a certified leadership trainer, coach, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. For 20 years, she has helped individual leaders and companies inspire and engage their teams to peak performance. Teresa uses a 4-step formula (Assess, Aware, Action, Accountability) to help her clients see a whole new world of possibilities and take action to reach new heights. Teresa's mission is to use her skills to empower women to shape their futures and step into their greatness.

James Ozone - IT and Security Guru, Advisory Board

Bringing in the best in network security meant calling upon the skills and knowledge of Ozone.
With over 20 years of experience in this field, our network and web services are in two of the best hands in the industry.
Ozone's resume includes professional services from database-driven web application development to network engineering and security. Having developed a security system, SiteMesh, it generates a matched set of device configurations for a fully-meshed VPN using a mixture of Cisco IOS, PIX or ASA devices (including ASA 8.3).
Having grown up in silicon valley and working for every major player there, Ozone is a true 'guru' of security and technology. Supergized is in secure hands.

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