Real Estate Agent

How much of your day do you spend opening and closing software programs and jumping from one website to another? You know what I mean: your email, your website, the MLS, your flyer program, your marketing websites, your contact management program, well, you get the picture. Way too much time. And, the more layers of technology that are added to the "real estate marketing" mix, the more complicated your life gets. You spend more time working with technology than working with your clients.

How would you like to access all of your technology from one dashboard? I don't mean one window that contains all of your programs - I mean one powerful software program that does it all: manages your contacts, buyer seller inquiries, sales, paperwork, marketing, email, websites, newsletters, flyers, everything. And, the software is accessible to you anytime, anywhere. provides hassle-free hosting and support that enables you to spend your time working with clients instead of working with technology. And, the low cost will surprise you.