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Brokers seldom have to worry about their top agents. It's the borderline agents who take up most of a broker's time. Resolving issues about incorrect or incomplete paperwork, compliance issues, and lack of agent sales productivity can consume 80% of a broker's day.

Brokers can fix paperwork issues because they review the paperwork. One item that brokers have difficulty fixing is an agent's lack of sales production. Why? Well, let's face it: agents don't always tell the truth about their marketing activities, do they?

Supergized brokers don't have to ask an agent what they are doing: the Supergized system keeps the broker up-to-date on agent sales activities. Supergized brokers know who their agent's prospects are, who their appointments are with, when flyers were sent, when articles and blog posts were written, how properties are being marketed, and more.

Smart brokers know that the key to increased sales is through managing an agent's daily activities. gives brokers the tools they need to stay on top of marketing activities without having to 'chase down' their agents to find out what's going on.