Business Broker

Business brokers understand the cold, hard truth about marketing a business: most of the money that they spend on marketing is wasted. Nevertheless, brokers continue to pump money into "business for sale" websites with the hope of finding a few qualified buyers. A broker has to be prepared to spend a lot of money for "premium" listing positions on multiple websites or his listings won't be seen at all.

Plus, there's the cost of a website, blog, flyers, newsletters, and a host of other marketing expenses that a broker must shell out. saves business brokers money and simplifies the marketing process. provides business brokers with all the marketing tools that they need for less than the price of one "Biz4Sale" website membership. All a broker's tools can be accessed from one control panel. Brokers can place listings on dozens of websites, create flyers, keep track of buyers & sellers, reports, listings, inquiries, and more.